Spend time with Rebecca on this ski touring adventure and have the opportunity to learn about the real science of nutrition.  Cutting through myths and outdated theories, her science-based advice will give you practical nutrition strategies that actually work, don’t require an entire dietary overhaul, and will be sustainable for you in the long term.

She will help you to optimise and tailor your nutritional intake, with the aim of increasing your energy levels, improving your mood, and supporting your long-term health and lifestyle goals.  

So, come and join us armed with all your nutrition-based questions, as we learn to master our nutritional intake and improve our dietary life.

What’s included

  • 1 day ski tour
  • Workshops along the way
  • Sample Mountain Nutrition Pack for your ski touring days.  (This does not include lunch.)
  • Food diary review and feedback plus a written summary of your goals
  • Supporting literature from the workshops
  • % Discount on a nutrition plan or follow up review with Rebecca

What’s not included

  • Lunch

Profile Picture of Rebecca Dent

Rebecca Dent

High Performance Dietitian

Chamonix area


€350 per participant

6 Participants


A minimum of a few days ski touring experience is required. You need to be able to ski off-piste & able to hike uphill for up to 3hrs/day.

Key Takeaways

  • Master the basics of your nutritional intake.
  • Understand what daily food and fluid choices you can make to help promote your energy levels and prevent the afternoon slump.
  • Gain access to easy-to-implement nutrition strategies that fit within your own lifestyle and personal preferences ….and don’t require a total dietary overhaul.
  • Learn how to set nutritional goals designed for the long term and which support the longevity of your wider health and lifestyle aims.

«The greatest wealth is health.»