Conquer your fear

Fear is one of the most fundamental aspects of life, and it is embedded deeply into the brain structure of all animals, including humans. However, while fear is designed to keep us alive and safe, it also holds us back in life and work, makes communication difficult, and limits our ability for happiness and fulfillment. 

Fortunately a basic understanding of what fear is, how it functions and what we can do about it can start the process of moving towards more success and fulfillment in our lives. 

Join Tom Goldstein and Isabelle Santoire on this weekend of ski touring, information sharing, reflection, discussion and experience to increase your understanding and start to change your relationship to fear for the better.

What’s included

  • 2 days’ guided ski touring
  • Coaching workshops

What’s not included

  • Hut fees
  • Lunch

Profile Picture of Tom Goldstein

Tom Goldstein

Life Coach


Tom Goldstein Profile Picture

Tom Goldstein

Life Coach

April 2nd & 3rd, 2022

€600 for 2 days per participant

6 Participants


A minimum of a few days ski touring experience is required. You need to be able to ski off-piste & able to hike uphill for up to 3hrs a day.

Key Takeaways

  • Get clarity on what drives you and where your passions lie.
  • Identify possible obstacles (e.g. fears, emotional barriers) and put in place strategies to overcome them.
  • Transform harmful habits into healthy ones so that you can become more mentally and physically resilient.
  • Integrate new habits into your everyday life so that you can lead your life with improved purpose and direction.

«Where focus goes, energy flows.»

Tony Robbins